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[12 Jun 2006|05:58pm]
wanna hear a funny joke? i dont work from 7am-3pm on saturdays and sundays. i work from 7am-7pm on saturdays and sundays.
oh well. i just keep thinking $10 an hour and im done after june.

i would talk about something else, but work it my life.
taylor is back home and that makes me happy.
catherine is back home and this also makes me happy.
kelly comes home in (fucking shit) two days and this makes me very happy.

le fin.
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i should never complain [09 Jun 2006|04:50pm]
next time i complain about not having a job, smack me please. i currently have three jobs with no days off a week. its a very good thing i don't have a life anyway, otherwise, this would be horrible.
monday-work at swope as a cashier 12pm-9pm
tuesday and wednesday-babysit from 8am-5pm
saturday and sunday-hospital 7am-3pm.

of course the hospital job only lasts through june (unless they still need me, which is possible) so that will be nice to have at least two days off a week.
good thing ill be rackin in the money

unfortunatly this means that i cant do some stuff that i had planned on doing, but whatever. i needed to save my money anyway and other opportunites will come. and i think, as long as the hospital no longer needs me, ill be able to go to the Coast Guard festival in Grand Haven and see all the romeo folks plus paul, jason, tiernan, dillard and ben. SO THAT WILL BE SWEET.
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[04 Jun 2006|11:18pm]
survey cause even though im bored im addicted to these dumb thingsCollapse )
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sweeeeet [31 May 2006|05:36pm]
first daw of training today. i have to say, its going to be a pretty cool job.
I work in the ER at Jewish Hospital just sigining people and and such. so thats pretty sweet. suprisingly easy to. PLUS its $10 an hour, and you cant argue with that. not to mention im done with my day at 3 (well 4 today, tomorrow and firday). i mean, i have to wake up early and be at work at 7am (eww yuck) but whateves.

and fuckup jordan is still real fuckin hot

and tiernan is still a douchebag. who SOMEHOW still manages to get under my skin despite how he consistantly treats me like crap. except for like, the last month and a half at state. that was good. FUCK DAT SHIT
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mmmm bored [29 May 2006|08:16pm]
01. Last Cigarette: besides the three packs of candy cigarettes that brian, chris and i inhaled?? i guess it was in march or early april
02. Last Kiss: duuuude. i dunno
03. Last Cry: a while ago. i dont even know
04. Last Library Book Checked Out: some dumb book for some dumb class
05. Last Movie Seen In a Theatre: over the hedge
06. Last Book Read: da vinci code
07. Last Cuss Word Uttered: fuck. as always
08. Last Beverage Drank: wata
09. Last Food Consumed:uh green pepper
11. Last TV Show Watched: no idea, its been a while
12. Last Time Showered: this morning
13. Last Shoes Worn: flip flops
14. Last CD Played: one of my solo road trip mixes
15. Last Soda Drank: mug root beer
16. Last Thing Written: directions
17. Last Words Spoken: ooooook see ya later
18. Last Sleep: last night
19. Last Ice Cream Eaten: mmm banana split earlier today
20. Last Time Wanting to Die: dont know
22. Last Big Car Ride:driving over 1000 miles this past weekend. wooooohoooo
23. Last Crush: so many. douchebag, mitch as always, random hawt boys, gay fabulous boys
24. Last Annoyance: chris aka casey
25. Last Time told off: dunnno
26. Last Web Site Visited: myspace. gross

N U M B E R O F . . .
01. Piercings: 6
02. Tattoos: 1
03. Height: 5'6"
04. Shoe size: 9
05. Hair color: brownish red
06. Siblings: 5

L A S T . . .
01. Movie you rented: HA frankenfish. tight
02. Movie you bought: no idea
03. Song you listened to: good thing my memory is working well
04. Song that was stuck in your head: dont stop believin
05. Person you've called: taylor
06. Person that's called you: jane
08. Friend you made: chris aka casey

D O Y O U...
01. You have a crush on someone: always
02. You wish you could live somewhere else: no
03. You think about suicide: no
04. You believe in online dating: no
05. Believe others find you attractive: eh no
06. You want anymore piercings: yes
07. You drink: not much since summer started
08. You do drugs: not often
09. You smoke: candy
10. You like cleaning: not
11. You like roller coasters: yes
12. You write in cursive or print: print. but both look like crap

F O R *O R *A G A I N S T ...
Long distance relationship: against.
Suicide: against
Killing people: for, but only in special cases. listen to cell block tango
Teenage smoking:against. but they do what they want
Doing drugs: for
Driving drunk: against
Soap operas: against

F A V O R I T E . . .
Thing to do: be with friends, drive (but not 7 hours at a time), eat, swim, be lazy, laugh, you know
Thing to talk about: depends on my mood
Drinks: water, orange juice, bud light, rum and...anything
Name brand: american eagle
Movie: too many
Singer: eeeeh no idea.
Holiday: christmas

H A V E Y O U . . .
Ever cried over a female: yes
Ever cried over a male: yes
Ever lied to someone: yes
Ever been in a fist fight: yes
Ever been arrested: nawww

W H A T . . .
Shampoo do you use: whatever my momma buys me
Shoes do you wear: flip flops
Are you scared of:living alone, shots

N U M B E R . . .
.. of times you have been in love? one. two? none?
.. of times you have had your heart broken? two. maybe three
.. of hearts you have broken? none?
.. of girls you have kissed? besides just a peck? one
.. of boys you have kissed? 13
. of drugs taken illegally? uno
.. of people you consider your enemies?zip
.. of times your name has appeared in the newspaper? a couple
.. of scars on your body? a few
.. of things in your past that you regret? none. besdies having a jawbreaking licking contess and it being so hard core that we didnt stop for over two hours and our tongues were bleeding and now i have a scab on my tongue. and its fuckin sick. but it provided many laughs... well only when chris dropped his, so that doenst even count
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cause im a copy cat and bored... [23 May 2006|05:33pm]
turn ons
-blue or green eyes
-taller than me
-jaw lines
-tattoos (but only one or two)
-able to laugh at himself
-thick hair
-talkative. well as long as they have something worth saying
-has a life of their own
-bad boys
-laid back
-treats me well.
-calls occasionaly
-close to their family
-smelling good
-facial hair
-likes dogs
-long(ish) hair. as in i can run my fingers through it
-cockiness (yeah i hate to admit it too.)
-ass holes. not really to me but to other people. i mean, not so much as to where everyone hates him, but you know.
-accents. but not southern ones

turn offs
-too skinny
-fat. lets me honest
-excessive drinking/drug use
-younger than me
-playing games
-uber christians
-close minded
-saying "dude"
-saying "thats so gay"
-bad kissers
-jean shorts
-popped collars
-bad breath
-forgetting to call back
-not making time
-noticably bad teeth

although. in reality my turn on list would consist more of this (based on people ive dated in the past):
-excessive drinking and drug use
-jean shorts
-too skinny
-playing games
-doesnt call
-doesnt make time

but in theory, those are all bad.
8 get on the beach then get in the water

[21 May 2006|08:42pm]
for sure going to Michigan this weekend. Unfortunatly Jen has to work and Brian, Chris and Rob will also (probably) be working, but whatever. Courtney doenst work on weekends and hopefully Amy will be off as well and Tiernan might be coming down/over so I'm sure I'll have company. It probably wouldn't be a horrible idea to just wait and go another weekend, but I don't know if I'll have that opportunity (not that I have a job lined up or anything) so whatever.
whatever whatever whatever.

I watched/slept through Clueless yesterday. I had forgotten about that movie until I saw it in Jo's room a couple days ago. What a goodie.

oh. p.s. My Lord of the Rings triliogy DVD set has gone missing. If you know of its location, be a dear and tell me.
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[19 May 2006|12:18am]
weird. today i took down all the pictures in my room that werent in frames....which was a lot of pictures and even more sticky tac. its kinda weird looking now.
but i realized i didnt hang out with 1/2 the people in the pictures anymore and the other the other 1/4 i dont even like so that leaves a very small amount of pictures that really deserve to be up there.
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[18 May 2006|01:03am]
i neeeeeeed a job. however, there are several problems with this.
1. everywhere i want to work isnt hiring
2. i want temp work because id work mon-fri and could go to MI but apparently its harder to find that then i thought
3. i only want to work mon-fri and who wants to hire someone that won't work weekends?
4. i want to work someplace that isnt a hell hole (fast food, ice cream places, etc)
5. i dont really want to work in the food business again
6. i want decent pay- $7 or more, which i dont think is asking much but companies around here are cheep.
7. im only here for the summer
8. i want next weekend off.

so as you can see, im a real desirable work candidate. whateves. ill just take out a bunch of student loans and say "fuck working". except that would be a real bad idea. and i would go crazy if i was unemployed all summer.

im hoping to go to michigan next weekend, which would be awesome. except i would have to drive a completely different route which kinda scares me, since it would be 6 hours of driving alone in unfamiliar area. whatever, im a big girl. plus id get to see the roommies+the lover+chris, who i miss like crazy+rob+other amy+other romeo kids that are fun+tiernan perhaps. interesting.

i love thunderstorms
3 get on the beach then get in the water

[15 May 2006|06:44pm]
I miss singing and dancing to Journey "Dont Stop Believin" in Chris's appartment.
I am SO excited for grey's anatomy tonight (among other things). although if anyone dies, besides the regular people that no one cares about, I'll be real sad.
then get in the water

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